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10 Pcs Number Play Mat

10 Pcs Number Play Mat
10 Pcs Number Play Mat
This is the Complete set of 10 numbers mats. Nice bright colours, the numbers can be removed and attached to make and learn certian things. This is ideal for teaching, numbers recognition or playing counting games with your children. 100% Water Resistant and easy to clean anti slip finish. These mats have a very wide range of uses for example; these soft cushioning mats are ideal for children to play on for the safety factor, fully waterproof offering a wipe clean surface, educational to help learn the alphabet and for spelling games. Ideal for use in kid's bedrooms, all kinds of play areas and of course as they are waterproof and ideal for use outside to create a comfortable play area... Features
Carton Price 29.16
Carton Qty 12
Pallet Qty 300

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