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About Us

NB International Ltd is a specialist in importing from around the world with the main sources falling under China. We import a vast range of products that we supply mainly to Cash ‘n’ Carry’s as well as wholesalers with a minority of shops. We aim to provide the best prices and best service as possible. A friendly environment is always the best for business as well as business relations with your customer being the key to any business.

We have a number of items which fall under many categories in order to give our customers a wide variety of products, some of them are “Hardware, Hand tools, Power tools, Gardenware/Tools, Electrical, Houseware, Plasticware, Toiletries, Stationery, Car Accessories, Toys & Fancy Goods, etc for traders." Therefore, having a massive impact on any shop in regards to a number of items makes it much easier for the trader to go forward and do business!